Knowing Your Neighbors: Brewed Awakenings

Popular Coffee House on the Range

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In this week’s Knowing Your Neighbors we take a trip to Grand Rapids.

A quick stop at Brewed Awakenings will give you some pep in your step.

“We started a coffee house and it was just a coffee cart in the front of a cooperative grocery store. That was called ‘The Cove’ at the time, this was 19 years ago,” explained Owner of Brewed Awakenings Joan Foster.

The simple coffee hub would expand into an eatery.

Brewed Awakenings moved to the MacRostie Art building before planting roots on 4th Street.

“I started writing recipes down and shopping at the grocery store. I think we have 90 soup recipes in our cookbook,” said Foster.

Foster is the visionary behind the well-known hub in the downtown part of Grand Rapids.

It began as a project for Foster during the summer months.

“I had a teenage son with all of his friends hanging out at my house and obviously needed something to do,” explained Foster.

Little did she know the shop would transform her life, as she would become a fulltime business owner.

“We make some entrees. We always make a tamale pie, we always have vegetarian lasagna,” said Foster.

Brewed Awakenings also serves sandwiches and a daily special, most with a twist from Foster’s own garden.

“I still am a gardener, I still raise a lot of vegetables for Brewed Awakenings but we buy a lot oat the farmers market,” said Foster.

Plus, the coffee shop also bakes plenty of goodies for those with a sweet tooth including muffins, scones and gelato.

“The gelato we make. We buy Dahl’s Dairy out of Babbitt. It comes in glass bottles no preservatives, no hormones,” explained Foster.

Brewed Awakenings always has 12 different flavors on hand so something should appeal to everyone.

One important thing to keep in mind is that the friendly eatery has an earth-minded menu.

“All or our food is made from scratch. We don’t buy the mixes; we don’t buy the entrees off the food whole sale trucks. It’s all made from scratch,” said Foster.

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