The Sweet Life: TimberSweet Maple Syrup

Cohasset Couple Receives International Recognition

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“United States and Canada, it’s the only place it’s made in the world,” said Ralph Fideldy, Owner of TimberSweet Maple Syrup.

In the early 1960’s, Ralph watched as his father made maple syrup.

“I, evidently, had a cut in my hand and I spilt some of that syrup on my hand and it got mixed in my blood and there’s never been a cure,” Ralph laughed.

Though technology has since then changed, the process hasn’t aged one bit.

“You take the sap, you cook it down, and you make syrup out of it,” said Ralph.

In 1980, Ralph and his wife, Amy, began producing their own maple syrup products.

“I walk into the stores and people will sit there and say, especially the kids, ‘Oh, there’s the syrup lady,’” Amy laughed.

Just a few simple steps later…

“First off, you’ve got to have a maple tree,” Ralph joked. “That’s the number one thing. You’re not making syrup without maple trees.”

Along with a family secret…

“From the time it gets out of the tree to when it’s turned to syrup, the quicker you can do it, the better quality syrup you’re going to have at the end,” Ralph told FOX 21.

And the Fideldy’s were taking home international awards for TimberSweet.

“You take a small producer here in northern Minnesota and you don’t think it can happen. Well, we can run with the big boys out there,” Ralph smiled.

But it doesn’t stop with syrup.

The couple is one of a few in Minnesota that make syrup-flavored candies, and syrup–covered nuts year–round.

“His description of maple syrup is ‘more,’ you just want more of it,” Amy said.

For some, it’s a business.

“Whatever it is, if you enjoy it, do it,” Ralph said.

The Fideldy’s just enjoy living the sweet life.

Twenty-eight hundred trees becomes anywhere between 800 and 1,000 gallons of maple syrup each year, and then it’s off to kitchen tables across the world. 

You can find TimberSweet products at farmer’s markets and shops in the Grand Rapids area.

Click here for more information on how to get the sweets shipped right to you.

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