Duluth City Council Places Moratorium on Vacation Rental Licenses

No New Vacation Rentals Will be Approved for 12 Months

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The Duluth City Council unanimously approved a one year moratorium on new licenses for short term vacation rentals in the city. 

The moratorium was approved to give the city time to develop firm regulations for the booming business of short-term person to person rentals.

Duluth City Councilor Joel Sipress was one of the writers of the moratorium.

Sipress believes one year should be enough time to develop a plan for regulating short term rentals.

The council also needs to find a way to enforce any regulatory ordinances that are passed, whether that be through civil or criminal means. 

With the explosion of websites such as Airbnb and VROB many cities throughout the country have been faced with similar issues.

Councilor Sipress has previously stated that regulation is needed to ensure health and wellness of short term rental tenants and appropriate tax payments by rental owners.  

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