Wrenshall Farm Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Food Farm Wants To Raise $25K

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The Food Farm in Wrenshall is seeking $25,000.00 in donations to build a solar-powered root cellar.

The Carlton County farm is using Kickstarter to raise the money needed to complete the project that will allow them to store locally grown fresh vegetables longer.

The Food Farm’s vegetables are used in local restaurants like the Duluth Grill, where The Food Farm formally announced the campaign on Tuesday.

Farm owner Janaki Fisher-Merritt said he believes people should get on board with the project because it supports a local business and benefits the donors by providing them access to fresher, better-tasting food.

Fisher-Merritt also said shortly after the project was launched it was named a Kickstarter staff pick.

This means Kickstarter liked their project so much, that they have independently decided to promote the page on the website.

The root cellar will hold 3.2 million servings of vegetables once it is complete.

The Food Farms cellar design will be provided to the public as an open source design meaning anyone can copy the design for their own use.


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