Duluth Better Ballot Looks to Gain Support

Group Promotes Rank Choice Voting

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Wednesday night Duluthians were out in hopes of changing how you vote in elections.

Duluth Better Ballot hosted “Brews for a Better Ballot.”

There were eight craft brewers, a distiller and cider.

Attendees voted on their favorite by using rank choice voting.

On the November ballot, you’ll be able to vote whether you support using the rank choice voting system in the future.

“Instead of having a low turnout primary followed by the general election all of the candidates show up in the general election voted on by all of the voters,” explained Henry Helgen, a volunteer with Duluth Better Ballot.

The group is hoping to get 1,600 signatures on their petitions by July 1.

For more information on rank choice voting, or about the group, head to their website

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