Social Media Helps Local Businesses Grow

Social Media Helps Northland Businesses Thrive

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Scroll through your Facebook feed and you’re bound to see your friends liking new businesses.

It’s a marketing trend that’s rapidly growing for local shop owners who tell us these days advertising is basically free if you’re online. 

It’s no secret social media has taken over the way we communicate.

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat, everyone is hopping on the social media bandwagon.

Local business owners say it’s hard to ignore because it’s driving their traffic, growth and revenue. 

“It’s the older generation that uses Facebook and the younger that uses Instagram,” said Owner of Blue Arrow Boutique, Anndrea Ploeger. 

Ploeger says she focuses their efforts on Facebook and Instagram. 

“Every day we make sure we post an outfit of the day.”

Which has helped build a following. 

“Our customers check daily to see what’s new in the store,” said Ploeger.

Now, with nearly 3,000 likes, most of their customers come via Facebook.

“It goes along with the concept of our store with really keeping things fresh.”

In addition to helping clothing stores, the social media game has also turned into a powerful marketing tool for some local restaurants. 

Owner of Bent Spoon Bistro in Cloquet says social media marketing is one of the most affordable ways to build your business. 

“I don’t really do a lot of advertising besides the social media,” said owner, Robert Richards.

Posting contests and free give away is what he says reel customers in.

“Like and share the status and we’ll give you a free cheeseburger or something like that,” said Richards. 

Especially when they get to weigh in on burger of the month. 

“We put 15 suggestions up on Facebook and our customers will vote on it and the top vote is the burger we do for the month.”

Another perk is customer reviews. 

It’s a change sweeping the industry. 

Taking marketing from the tube to the net. 

Out There Advertising, an agency in Duluth, tells us digital advertising may soon surpass television.

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