Creature-Like Figure Appears On Wisconsin Point

Beachgoer Says It's 'Brilliantly Strange'

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You’ve heard of Big Foot sighting, right? Well, Wisconsin Point apparently has had its own wild creature sighting.

Sarah Jane Hale, who has a love for Lake Superior, came across the life-like creature that can be seen in pictures she took sitting on the beach.

Hale described the artwork as “brilliantly strange” and “so creative.”

She told us the figure was made from all-natural materials found on Wisconsin Point.

It was not known Thursday who made the creature or what its name is, but some FOX Facebook fans asked if it’s “Chewbacca’s wife?”

FOX 21 sent a photographer out to Wisconsin Point on Thursday to try to get some video of the beauty, but he was unsuccessful.  

So, did the photographer simply not look hard enough, or is this ‘creature’ alive and roaming the beaches of the Twin Ports?

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