Local Event Combines Cars, Dads and Fundraising

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The 15th annual All Ford-Powered Father’s Day Car Show kicked off this weekend but it was not all about the cars.

“We have roush mustangs, we have saleen mustangs,” Twin Ports Mustang and Ford Club vice president Denny Zimmerman said.

Fords before WWII up to 2015 filled the Belknap Plaza.

“It’s fun, fun being fathers,” said Shawn Boyd. “We do a lot of stuff together including my nephew.”

For Shawn, his father Jim and nephew Pery what better to do on Father’s Day than to look at their favorite make and models layered with lots of history?

“That’s the most important thing in my life, to be with my family,” said Jim. “I love them and they all respect me.”

“Well most of the time, just kidding,” said Shawn.

The car show also serves another purpose.

Proceeds from the event will go to local animal organizations.

One of them is Seeds of Hope Youth Ranch who recently rescued six horses that were in deplorable conditions.

“All they had to eat was the bark off the trees and their own manure,” said Seeds of Hope Youth Ranch volunteer Paula Moore.

Whatever they get from the fundraiser will be used for the pony’s medical bills and care.

“Two of the horses that have their ribs showing we need to get them healthy before the snow comes otherwise they will not live through the winter,” said Moore.

To donate to Seeds of Hope Youth Ranch head over to http://www.gofundme.com/seedsofhope

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