Courage Kenny Northland Offers Adaptive Cycling

Sports Programs Aim to Get Everyone Outdoors and Active

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The feel of the wind through your hair and the helpful hand of a volunteer are just some things you may experience at Courage Kenny Northland – all the while being surrounded by people who believe in your abilities.

Bicycling on the Lakewalk is just one of Courage Kenny Northland’s summer programs.

The adaptive sports program aims to encourage youth to adults to lead active and health lifestyles.

Whether you’re riding a foot and hand crank cycle, with two or three wheels there is a bike for everyone.

“We have a variety of different cycles for different abilities,” said Courage Kenny Northland’s Program Director Mark Hanna.

The program offers up a chance for all shapes, sizes and abilities to take a spin around the block.

“It’s fun because I get to ride a lot and practice my balance,” said participant Jacob Warren.

Their stories aren’t the same, as each participant comes to Courage Kenny for unique reasons.

Nine-year-old Mason Archibald has a unique line of vision, while some other participants are autistic or may have limited mobility.

The one thing that all participants have in common is their passion and desire to not let a disability define their many abilities.

“I don’t have the use of my legs to pedal a normal bike so I pedal a hand bike,” said volunteer Ben Nestrud.

Nestrud used to have full use of his legs and race downhill mountain bikes.

His life changed gears in December when he broke his back.

He still hikes, white water kayaks, rock climbs, and bikes.

To top it all off, Nestrud is Courage Kenny Northland’s newest volunteer and an inspiration to say the least.

“I hope I can be a guiding light and a role model for people. There is no excuse that you can’t get out and I think I’m a walking example of that,” said Nestrud.

Courage Kenny Northland offers a variety of activities all year long to keep people active.

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