Stand Up Paddleboarding Gaining Popularity

North Shore SUP Offers Programs for Any Ability Level

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A calm summer day.  A great time to get on the water, and a prefect time to try stand up paddleboarding.
“It is a blast, it’s a lot of fun, said Heather Holmes Co-Owner of North Shore Stand Up Paddelboarding.  “There’s various things you can do on boards.  You can enjoy touring on flat water. You can take your board up the river, paly on some white water.”
According Holmes, more people are getting on boards than ever before.  So she and her partner Garrett Russell decided to bring their expertise to the Northland.
“We have been paddleboarding for 6 years,” she said.  “We are certified paddleboard instructors.”
In fact, North Shore SUP are the only certified trainers in Duluth and they can help even the most inexperienced novice.
“We’ll throw them on a big nice stable board and within minutes they’re up, they’re able to paddle around and it’s real fun,” said Holmes.
“It was challenging at first, but we picked it up pretty quick,” said Mark Burns of Duluth.  “The kids had a lot easier time than mom and dad.”
Burns and his family made the trek to Park Point to see why paddleboarding is one of the fastest growing sports on water.
“We see a lot of people doing it around town, so it seemed like the perfect day to give it a try,” said Mark’s wife Jennifer.  “It was fabulous, we had a great time.”
“It’s an excellent thing to do with kids as a family activity,” adds Holmes.  “We offer really affordable family rates.  We are a family ourselves, that’s why we do that.”
“We have this awesome cove area that’s about waist to chest deep,” said Holmes.  “The whole area is typically blocked by the wind, it’s a really nice area to learn at.”
Another way people from near and far can enjoy the great outdoors in the Twin Ports.

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