British Teens Create Color-Changing Condom to Detect STIs

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Three British teenagers have come up with a condom that they say can detect sexually transmitted infections.

The so-called S.T.EYE condom changes color when it comes in contact with syphilis or a similar infection.

The teens won a prize at Britain’s Teen-Tech Awards for their idea.

The condom is still in the concept stage, but the teens have been approached by a manufacturer to make it a reality.
People with peanut allergies may eventually get some relief.

A small French company is working on a product to help allergy sufferers significantly increase their tolerance.

The drug would come in patch form.

The FDA recently approved special fast-track testing for the drug.

If all goes well, manufacturers hope to start selling it in early 2018.
Every year the average American throws away $640 worth of food, according to a new study of 1,000 people by the American Chemistry Council.

Food waste is the single biggest item in U.S. landfills where it rots and releases methane.

In the study, 79 percent of people were more concerned about lost money than world hunger or waste.

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