Cop Arrested at Black Bear Casino for Animal Abuse

Ramsay County K-9 Handler Charged with Animal Cruelty

On June 15, around 3 a.m. the Carlton County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call for assistance from the Black Bear Security Office.

Security staff advised the deputy that the casino had security video of an incident regarding animal cruelty by an individual that was staying at the hotel and casino.

Security staff advised deputies they had been called to the Cobalt Lounge earlier in the evening to ask the person to leave the premises. 

As they followed him with security video, they observed him go back to his hotel room, then exit approximately five minutes later with his canine partner. 

The man identified, identified as 48-year-old Brett Berry, walked his canine to the casino parking lot where he was observed scolding the canine and becoming upset with the dog. 

Video then shows the man pick up his dog by the collar and throw it to the ground, thereafter the dog runs from him, back to the casino, runs through the first set of doors but is trapped in the vestibule.

The man then catches up to the dog in the vestibule and repeatedly strikes the dog. 

Police were notified and Berry was charged with assaulting a public safety dog and animal cruelty.

Berry is a K-9 handler for Ramsay County and had been in town with numerous canine handlers for a training and certification process.

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