CrossFit Becoming More Popular

Training Regimen Gives Athletes a Chance to Compete Through Exercise

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A lot of people are trying CrossFit, which to the untrained eye looks like working out. However, the aspect of competition is why CrossFit is growing.

“People thrive off competition, and they like competing,” says Brendan Wills. “You’re out of sport and you miss the competition, so you want to compete on daily workouts. That’s the beauty of CrossFit.”

According to Willis, a CrossFit trainer at Impact Sports Training in Duluth, CrossFit appeals to so many because there are so many different exercises.

“People like variety,” says Willis. “People like that there’s going to be something a little bit different every day.”

Dr. David Rust with St. Luke’s Orthopedics and Sports Medicine says CrossFit isn’t without risk.

“They do seem to have a unique set of injuries,” Dr. Rust said. “Injuries to the shoulder region are common, hips are common.”

Willis says beginners are started slow in order to help prevent injury.

“Four to eight weeks you’re working form,” Willis said. We’re talking technical work with the barbell, body work, making sure the knees are tracking on squats.”

And like any activity, Dr. Rust warns not to overdo it.

“Proper training means proper moderation,” said Dr. Rust. “A lot of those athletes that are doing high impact exercises are maybe doing some of those exercises too frequently and not giving their body the proper chance to rest”.

“Preaching sleep, hydration and calories, that’s what’s most important,” said Willis. “If you get six hours of sleep and train two times a day, you’re going to get injured.”

Willis acknowledges the risks, however he says the overall rewards are worth it.

“If you can keep healthy, your joints are going to stay healthier, daily living activities are going to be easier,” said Willis. “Blood pressure gets better, resting heart rate gets better.”

CrossFit may not be for everyone, but it is a great way to stay active.

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