WI Officials Stress Importance of Helmets on ATVs

Two of 4 Kids Killed in ATV Crashes Not Wearing Helmets

State officials are stressing the importance of helmets after two of the four children killed in all-terrain vehicle crashes this year in Wisconsin weren’t wearing protective headgear.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources says 10 ATV crash deaths have happened so far this year, compared to 27 last year.

But it says only one person under the age of 18 was killed in 2014.

The agency’s ATV and snowmobile coordinator says the numbers don’t necessarily reflect a new trend, but they should serve as a reminder to parents.

Stevens Point Journal Media reports that state law requires anyone under 18 to wear a helmet while riding an ATV and anyone 12 or older to take a safety certification class.

None of the children killed in ATV crashes this year had taken the class.

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