Knowing Your Neighbors: The Savanna Portage Supper Club

A Comfy Saloon in the Heart of a Cozy Town

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An intimate restaurant right on Highway 2 has locals and tourists alike raving about the homemade cuisine.

It’s a comfy saloon in the heart of a cozy town.

“Everyone compliments about the décor and how comfortable they do feel here,” said owner, Debbie Lundquist.

Dining at the Savanna Portage Supper Club in Floodwood, you’ll feel right at home.

“Many, many homemade items,” Lundquist said.

The original Supper Club has been around for over 20 years, but three years ago, Debbie and her daughter took the wheel.

“Completely revamped the menu, fantastic menu,” said Lundquist.

You can find anything from homemade soups, dips and coleslaw, to clubs, wraps and wings.

“We have people coming from quite far away,” admitted Lundquist.

But it’s the famous Reuben that has people coming back for more.

“There was a gentleman one day that told me his wife makes him drive out of the way when they go see their grandkids specifically so they can have our Reuben,” laughed Lundquist.

Debbie’s family added their own touch to the bar.

“We do a Friday night fish fry that’s very popular,” she said. “There’s a couple that have never missed a Friday night.”

Plus, all deer and ducks on the walls have been hunted by her husband and son.

“Because of the log furniture and everything, we wanted to keep it rustic,” Lundquist explained.

But some traditions were too good to let go.

“The first owner of the Savanna Portage, her daughter is one of our top cooks here,” explained Lundquist. “Our blue cheese dressing is her secret recipe on the blue cheese dressing.”

Including the most important one.

“To have good food, and to have people come back,” smiled Lundquist.

The Supper Club built a new deck for diners to enjoy their meals outside on nice summer nights, and  it hosts a weekly summer volleyball league.

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