Events in Bayfield on the 4th of July

Blindfold Dinghy, Fireworks and Sailboat Races

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The 4th of July is only 3 days away!

For those looking to get away, the City of Bayfield will have a handful of events for tourists. 

People are already rolling in for the sailboat races and the city will be holding a blindfold dinghy race. 

Of course, there will be fireworks.

“If you time it right and get a good spot, you can actually watch the fireworks in Bayfield, Madeline Island and Ashland from the Bayfield City Harbor. So, it’s a really great show,” said Marketing and Events Planner for the Bayfield Chamber and Visitor’s Bureau, Kelley Linehan. 

Fireworks will start Saturday night at 10 p.m.

Tourists should also come in with a sweet tooth because the berries are in prime season. 

“Strawberries just started becoming ripe last week.  Sweet cherries will be ripe in the next week and then from there on we roll through with different berries.  We have raspberries and blueberries.  So, throughout the course of the summer there is always fresh berries to be had,” said Linehan.

The Bayfield Festival of Arts will take place July 18th-19th.

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