Great Outdoors: Color 4 Hope 5K

A Run with Color, Community and Outdoor Fun

Northlanders are finally able to enjoy being outdoors and community organizations are taking full advantage of the sunshine.

“2nd annual Color for Hope 5K Fun Run and Walk. All the proceeds benefit the Northland campus of Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge,” said Kieth Johnson of the Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge.

Johnson is hopeful for a strong batch of donations, that will go towards a good cause.

“We’re hoping to raise around 15-thousand dollars or so. The money will go toward our general fund for the Northland Campus Adult and Teen Challenge,” said Johnson.

And for their organization, colorful runs like this are a much needed lifeline.

“We can’t do it without the support of friends and donors from our community. Through fund raisers like this and other events that we have, help bring awareness as well as bring much needed funds to our Northland Campus,” Johnson said.

Funds that will go to help those who need it the most.

“Most of our guys come at no cost to themselves. So a lot of that will go to fund their stays at Teen Challenge,” said Johnson.

It’s a combination of community support, the great outdoors and color?

“It’s something different. It’s one of the new crazes right now of events, run–walk events these days,” Johnson said.

And new crazes are very bright these days.

“It’s a colored corn starch, thus the name color for hope and it does come off,” said Johnson

A little corn starch with a dash of community donations and a little exercise, makes for a fun, color time in the great outdoors.

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