Huskies a Northland Tradition

Players Enjoying the New Challenges & Experiences

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The Duluth Huskies have been a staple in the Northland for summer ball players who are experiencing new challenges.

“It’s a little different than school ball because we play every day. It’s more of a minor league setting because we’re on the road and back at home and on the road again. It’s been an adjustment, but it’s been good,” said pitcher Austin Carpenter.

And for the players who come from small schools, the bus rides may be a little longer.

“My school we don’t travel as much. So getting used to traveling and going on the road is kind of a new experience for me,” said outfielder Danny Lee.

But an experience Danny knows is very valuable.

“It’s good to get used to because the next level, you’re going to be doing it quite a bit,” Lee said.

The level of competition has also provided a challenge for first year pitchers.

“The hitters up here are really good hitters. Really tough hitters. I’m having to battle a little bit with my pitches. So the hitters are definitely giving me a challenge, but I’m up to the challenge and ready to do it every day,” said pitcher Jordan Cummings.

And for the 2nd year guys, the plate appearances can run together…

“At bats are so close together that you really never get hot and never get cold because you’re playing every day, but it’s been good. It’s a grind but it’s fun,” said infielder Matt McLaughlin.

The fun also includes playing in Duluth which is a different kind of experience for the southern players.

“I love it. The lake’s beautiful, just a little bit cold for my taste. But it’s really nice up here,” Cummings said.

“I like it. It’s a little cooler than the Florida weather I’m used to so had fun. Hearse does a great job with the program out here and we get to win a little bit,” said Lee.

A tradition of winning, in a newly renovated ballpark, makes lacing em up every day a memorable experience.

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