MN Starts Selling Medical Marijuana

Duluth Woman with Brain Tumor Hopes to Get Medical Marijuana

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As the clock struck midnight Minnesota’s first cannabis clinic in Minneapolis served its first patients.

“Quite frankly, it only takes one seizure to end a child’s life,” said Kathy Engstrom whose son has epilepsy. “If we could potentially stop that from what we just got here, that’s it. That’s your answer.”

Availability of liquid, pill and vapor medical marijuana is a major victory for some battling devastating illnesses.

Minnesota is the 22nd state to legalize it.

“People in Minnesota who are suffering today, who have no good options or no options at all, can have the hope of gaining some relief,” Senator Scott Dibble (DFL) Minneapolis said.

But as patients are lining up in the Cities, up north Duluthian Jessica Blake is among those waiting for her turn.

“Just tired from all the chemo, so it’s been hard,” said Blake.

Nearly a year ago she was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme, a brain tumor that can be treated but not cured.

She goes through chronic pain, short-term memory loss and extreme bouts of nausea.

“It’s been pretty miserable,” said Blake. “I’ve been nauseous a lot of the time, hurt you know.”

Jessica’s quality of life has also taken a dive.

Her love of reading, dancing and teaching social studies in Esko has all been put on the shelf.

“I really enjoyed my job which I don’t think a lot of people can say, so I was lucky for that,” said Blake. “This has made me give that up.”

She is eligible for medical marijuana but is waiting for her medical provider to approve her for certification.

“They said that they were going to have a policy by the middle of last week I think and they did not,” said Blake. “So what their progress is seems to change all the time.”

Studies on mice treated with medical cannabis revealed great potential for shrinking or curing her type of brain tumor.

“I’m really hopeful that the medical marijuana can end my ongoing nausea,” said Blake. “It’s just an interruption in our day and in our night and my life.”

But for now, “I think we just have to wait and see,” said Blake.

More than 60 patients in Minnesota with qualifying conditions have been cleared and eligible to receive prescriptions.

Eight medical marijuana dispensaries will be open which some medical professionals and residents are concerned and unhappy about.

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