CDC: Fireworks Can Cause Health Problems

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Fourth of July fireworks cannot only injure your eyes and hands; they might also take a toll on your lungs.

Researchers say fireworks produce air pollutants that can get inside your lungs and make you cough, wheeze and have shortness of breath.

In severe cases it could even lead to stroke and early death.

They found a surge in the air particles on the nation’s birthday.

The highest was between nine and 10 p.m.
The Food and Drug Administration is looking to add warning labels and child-resistant packaging to liquid nicotine.

The labels would extend to items that use liquid nicotine like e-cigarettes and other novelty products.

The FDA says it’s seen an increase in emergency calls for kids with liquid nicotine poisoning.
It appears a growing number of American adults are just saying ‘no’ to indoor tanning.

A survey done by the Centers for Disease Control finds only about four percent of people used them compared to 5.5 percent between 2010 and 2013.

That means roughly two million fewer adults are using tanning beds.

There are still about 10 million adults who still tan indoors.

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