High School Sweethearts: Defying the Odds

High School Sweethearts in the Northland

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Love is a funny thing.

“March 19, 1949 we went on our first date,” Margie Renn of Moose Lake said.

In high school, people sometimes believe they’ve found the one they’re going to spend their life with.

“She didn’t know whether she wanted to be a doctor or be married and she decided she wanted to be married,” Ron Renn said happily.

For most, the high school love doesn’t last.

“For the summer after I graduated high school, we dated other people, he dated lots of different people, I mostly dated one guy,” Margie said with a laugh.

“And we still continued to date, I’d go out with him three nights and go out with the other three nights and stay home one night a week,” she continued.

For Ron and Margie, their love withstood the test of time. 66 years to be exact.

“In August 19, 1949 we started going steady which was the thing kids did in those days, we went steady,” Margie explained.

While Ron went to the Marine Corp., they worked on their relationship from a distance.

But soon enough, the big surprise came.

“I hid the ring, so she had a scavenger hunt. I had little notes that she had to follow these things and I hung the ring on a Christmas tree and that’s how it all started,” Ron said.

As their relationship grew, something called “Marriage Encounter” helped them learn the ropes along the way.

Margie said the steps they learned in the program, still reminds them how important communication is and when they disagree on something, they get back together and talk it through and come to some compromise that agrees with both of them.

The program may not be for everyone, but they believe what they gained from it made them who they are as a couple today.

“Just because something is right for me doesn’t make it right for anybody else,” Margie said.

Through a long marriage, came one big happy family.

“We’re very proud of our family and what they’ve become. To me that is the number one priority, is that we committed to spend a lifetime together rand to be together for our children,” Margie said, proudly.

With family, comes meaningful gifts you never expected.

They describe a certain gift they received from their children called, a ‘Kissing Pot’.

“You never leave each other without saying goodbye and giving each other a kiss. If you don’t then you put money in the pot. Then you use it for something you use together.
We don’t have much money in it because both of us are very good without both of us saying goodbye and i’ll see you later,” they said with a kiss.

So for those of you who have defied the odds and let your high school love last, take this advice from a couple who’s marriage has lasted 61 years and counting.

“Love is what it’s all about,” Margie said.
Let love in.

“God loves us and expects us to love each other and others as well,” she said with a smile.

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