Keeping Your Pets Safe on Independence Day

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Independence Day might be fun for us, but it can be terrifying for our pets.

Experts say they sometimes perceive loud noises from fireworks as a threat.

As they go off, veterinarians recommend keeping your pooch busy with tricks and treats, putting them in a safe place and most importantly, if you’re going to a fireworks show, don’t take Fido with you.

“If we’re going to go down to Canal Park, if there’s going to be firework displays somewhere, do not bring them with,” Duluth Veterinary Hospital Dr. Lisa Juten said. “Fourth of July is the number one time when pets run away. They get spooked, they get scared. They think that the noise is coming at them so they run.”

It’s also recommended that you tire your dog out with exercise which will calm them down before festivities kick off.

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