Developer Pulls Out of Rockridge School Property Deal in Duluth

Developer Still Plans to Move Forward With Morgan Park Site

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Schweiger Development told the Duluth School District they are no longer interested in purchasing the Rockridge Elementary site.

But, they plan to move forward with their plans for the former Morgan Park Middle School. 

Exactly one week ago, a different developer pulled out of it’s $10 million purchase of the Central High School Site. 

So, this site along with the Rockridge Property are back on the market. 

The developer wanted to construct a multi-unit housing development. 

But, pulled out after the City and neighbors said it would attract too many people. 

The developer’s mission was to not only provide more housing but to have an economic impact on the area. 

They say to do that they need more space. 

Although multi-unit housing was the previous intent for the property, the District doesn’t want it’s use to be restricted to just that. 

“But, I think there are some housing options that would be good in there.  I think potentially an assisted living facility or something like that might be a possibility.  So, I think there are a number of things and the property could adapt to many things,” said Business Services Director, Bill Hanson. 

Schweiger Development agreed to pay $1.2 million for both the Rockridge and Morgan Park sites. 

The District said their upcoming budget will not be affected. 

They have yet to re-evaluate how much the Rockridge site will cost now.

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