Industrial Park Set to Create New Jobs

New Economic Growth Set for Grand Rapids Area

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It has been a project in the works for nearly two decades, expanding the city of Cohasset’s industrial park.

Finally, it’s a reality.

Thanks to some generous local grants the city will soon be able to stimulate new economic development.

Phase one of the project was completed in 1996.
Fast-forward and Phase two of the industrial park will break ground next spring.

“This has been more than just this council, it’s been pre–planned and it is coming to fruition,” said Cohasset Mayor Greg Hagy.

“We acquired an 80–acre parcel and another 40-acre parcel which allowed us to have 480 continuous acres, which will allow us to build out our phase two of the industrial park,” said Cohasset Director of Finance and City Operations Max Peters.

Without major grant money this project wouldn’t be quite as far along as it is.

“We just recently acquired an IRRB grant for around$250–thousand dollars and then finally this DEED grant for $250–thousand dollars,” said Peters.

Most of the current businesses built in Phase one sit on three to five acres, but the expansion will allow for larger companies to build.

“We’ve had a couple opportunities where they are looking for 100–acre parcels, which would be pretty exciting,” said Peters.

While every company has something different to offer the region, one is quite innovate using recycled products.

“NMC for example takes fly ash from Minnesota Power and turns it into concrete blocks, so that’s kind of a new innovative company,” explained Peters.

The next step of the project involves finalizing engineering plans for water, sewer and electric. 

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