Local Shop Offering Free Work Boot Conditioning

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These days a lot of companies are not giving out as much money as they used to toward buying protective wear for employees, which includes work boots.

Employees are having to foot the bill on their own which sometimes could be hundreds of dollars.

“Everybody’s trying to make ends meet these days,” Red Wing Shoes manager Matt Wasmund said. “So we do the best we can for them.”

To help workers hit hard by the recession, Red Wing Shoes on Central Entrance is offering free services to extend the life on work boots that are in need of some care.

You can bring in any boot, which does not have to be purchased from Red Wing Shoes, and they’ll give you a free conditioning.

Staff will oil the leather to keep it from cracking and make it more water resistant as well as thread in a new pair of laces to save workers time, money and having to buy cheap shoes.

“It’s nice just to help people in the industry,” said Wasmund. “If the industry is doing well, if your community is doing well your businesses will then prosper. Whether it’s us directly or indirectly, it’s nice to help the community out. Get them back to the job site with a better pair of boots.”

If you want to get your boots oiled and laced, Red Wing management tells FOX 21 bring in a clean pair to the store and be prepared to leave them there for up to an hour.

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