Youth Climbers Getting Opportunity to Scale Rocks

Adventurers Learning to Climb in Safe Environment

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Climbing up and down rocks and scaling the sides of cliffs are no match for these adventurous kids.

“I just climb all over stuff when I want to,” said youth climber Arbor Taylor.

And Positive Energy Outdoors provides an outlet for those who just like to climb.

“We’re rock climbing and a lot of kids don’t necessarily have the chance to do this on a day to day basis so it just kinds of gets them outside,” said Amanda Halvorson of Positive Energy Outdoors.

Outside for an activity that positive energy outdoors founder Blake Cazier says is a natural interest for most kids.

“Kids are climbers. We all start out wanting to climb and trees and furniture and all sorts of different climbing and as you get older, the climbing opportunity on real rock is an amazing thing,” Blake Cazier, founder of Positive Energy Outdoors said.

And climbing up real rock provides a much different experience than a trees or furniture.

“They get to see the world from a different view. They have different kinds of ridges to go over, if there’s flat spots,” said Cazier.

But the challenge makes it more fun for the young climbers.

“I like how athletic you can be and its fun but also challenging at the same time,” said Arbor Taylor.

It’s not just the climbing that peaks the interest of these young climbers but also the exotic locations it takes them.

“Sometimes they’re in places where you have to hike through an old rail road tunnel or they’re on trails or near trails that take you to beautiful overlooks,” said Halvorson.

Beautiful landscapes that leaves a lasting impression on those who experience it.

“We’re very fortunate to have the woods, the water, the trails, the rocks. They’re experiencing so much of what northern Minnesota can be about,” said Cazier.

Hiking into the woods, through the dark tunnel and up the rocks. It’s what northen Minnesota is all about, in the great outdoors.

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