Million Dollar Reward Offered for Missing Ruby Slippers

$1M Offered to Find Dorothy's Missing Ruby Slippers in Grand Rapids

“There’s No Place Like Home” with a Million Dollars!

An anonymous reward from an Arizona-based “Wizard of Oz” fan is being offered in the amount of one million dollars for credible information about the screen-used pair of “Wizard of Oz” Ruby Slippers that were stolen from the Judy Garland Museum in 2005.

In cooperation with the Grand Rapids Minnesota Police department, it was to announced that an anonymous benefactor has come forward with a $1 million dollar reward for credible, relevant information about what happened to the pair of screen-used, “Wizard of Oz” Ruby Slippers stolen from the Judy Garland Museum in 2005, and in order for the reward to be honored, the following stipulations are as follows:

1. The exact location where the slippers are right now so the Grand Rapids Minnesota Police Department can retrieve them, and/or someone in the public to come forward to return the slippers to the Grand Rapids, MN Police Department intact (e.g., in identifiable condition to be authenticated).

2. The name (or names) of the perpetrators. 

Anyone with information can contact Andy Morgan from the Grand Rapids Minnesota Police department at 218-326-3464, or, email at:

For further information about the reward, and/or wish to increase the reward amount, please contact 763-412-0771.

All those who come forward will remain anonymous.  

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