Rescued Horses Making Dramatic Recovery

Horses Make Recovery in Duluth

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At the end of May six horses were rescued from terrible living conditions.

They were taken from the North Shore, found knee deep in mud and manure.

“They had lice, they were anemic and a couple of them had mange,” Seeds of Hope Youth Ranch director Wendy Krook said. “Really malnutritioned, they were eating their own feces.”

Miracle, Faith, Redeemed, Hope, Muffin and Ruth range from ages three to 25.

Their recovery has included surgeries, updated shots, vitamin treatments, getting their feet trimmed and a healthy diet.

“They’re doing awesome, we’re excited to see that they’re doing well,” said Krook. “With everybody’s support and concern and it’s nice to hear that on Facebook.”

Seeds of Hope also tell us the horses are coming out of depression and are now more trusting and open to being loved.

“They’re personality is coming about a little,” said Krook. “With Miracle, our blind one, she’s kind of getting like a little sassy which is good to see. That means she’s feeling better.”

Now money for the horse’s vet bills, medicine and extra hay during the winter is needed.

You can donate at

Seeds of Hope also tells FOX 21 they have been able to use the horses to teach kids about the importance of taking care of animals.

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