The “Iceman” Invited Back For Another Year

Superior Council Votes to Bring Back Ice Project

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Ice and snow might be the last thing on your minds right now but, it’s official!

The “Iceman”, Roger Hanson, will be back for another chance to create the world’s largest ice sculpture.

“What I’m hoping for 2016 is that the City of Superior will become the home of a Guinness Book of World Records and that Mr. Hanson will have established the tallest ice sculpture in the world,” said Mary Morgan with Parks and Rec for the City of Superior.

This week, the Superior City Council voted unanimously to bring the ice project back on Barker’s Island. 

Councilors feel the project is a success and a boost to the area. 

After a difficult first year, Mr. Hanson will be prepared for next year. 

“He’s going to have 2 towers spraying in order to make use of the switching winds here around the island.  So, I’m hoping for a successful event and a sculpture that doesn’t collapse,” said Morgan.

The majority of the project is funded by the tourism development fund.

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