UWS Is Out Nearly $900,000 After Latest Budget Cut

UWS Has Budget Cut by Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

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After Governor Scott Walker proposed a $300 million cut to the UW System, the legislature reduced the proposed amount by $50 million.

Now, UWS is out nearly $900,000.  

This, after the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents approved it’s latest budget.

As difficult as the cut may be, the University of Superior now has a set number and and can move forward with determination.

Knowing the cuts were coming, the University tells us it was proactive in preparing for the expected cuts.

Some cost saving adjustments have already been made. 

Seventeen full-time faculty and staff applied for early retirement which will save the University $400,000.  

We’re told minor changes may include cost saving at the bookstore and food store. 

A couple minor programs may eventually get phased out. 

“The legislators and Board of Regents heard from folks and that really helped make it easier to reduce some of those cuts for our campus and to actually increase the amount of aid we will be receiving is going to make these difficult cuts that much more manageable,” said the UWS’ Director of Communications and Government Relations, Daniel Fanning. 

While a number of steps have already been taken, one thing the University assures is tuition will not increase. 

It may seem like an alarming number but the hit is about 5 percent of their budget.

UW Madison is taking the biggest hit at $59 million.

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