Local Pow Wow Honors Veterans

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“It’s all about visiting with relatives and friends and meeting people,” Fond du Lac Reservation veteran service officer Tom Whitebird said. “At the same time honoring vets.”

Steeped in the Native American culture many danced and sang in one of the biggest celebrations acknowledging the service of those who fought for our country.

“We honor all veterans, all,” said Whitebird.

Put on by the Fond du Lac Tribe, it’s the 22nd annual Veterans Pow Wow.

“It doesn’t matter, Native or not they’re invited and they get a gift,” said Whitebird. “It’s just to honor the veterans is our thing here.”

Off of Hwy 210, vendors, community and entertainment drew in hundreds including Major General Rick Nash.

“He’s a two star general,” said Whitebird. “He’s the highest ranking officer in the state of Minnesota.”

“Certainly honoring the veterans is a key reason why we’re here today,” said Nash.

Nash official along with other National Guard members made their way through the crowds and participated in ceremonies to show their gratitude.

“I really appreciate their service to our nation and it goes back to all the conflict and the current conflict that we’re currently in,” said Nash. “I don’t think people realize how many Native Americans from Minnesota have actually served in the Armed Forces so I want to thank them personally for that.”

Other than this pow wow the Fond Du Lac Reservation also offers services to veterans who are in need.

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