Appeals Court: Radio Collars on Bears Amount to Possession

Judge Sides with MN DNR Over Collars in Ely Bear Researcher Case

The Court of Appeals says a researcher needs a permit to put radio collars on bears in northern Minnesota because attaching the collars amounts to “constructive possession” under state law.

Lynn Rogers gained international attention for his research on the North American black bear.

Rogers says he’s deciding whether to reapply for a permit or appeal.

In 2013, the Department of Natural Resources refused to renew Rogers’ permit to collar bears, citing public safety concerns.

A DNR spokesman says the agency won’t give Rogers a permit for that.

The appeals court also found Monday that Rogers doesn’t need a permit to place cameras in dens.

Rogers says he plans to resume den broadcasts this winter.

But a different state statute bans disturbing dens from November to April without a permit.  

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