CDC: 1 in 10 Americans Gets Enough Fruit, Veggies

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Only about one in every ten Americans eats enough fruit and vegetables, according to a new study.

Researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and prevention found only 13 percent of us meet the recommended amount of federal dietary guidelines.

On average, Americans chose to eat vegetables less than two times a day and fruit once.

California ranked highest for eating their fruits and veggies and Tennessee and Mississippi ranked the lowest.
You might be better off eating fast food than sitting down at a restaurant.

According to a new study, diners consumed more salt and cholesterol at restaurants than at fast food spots.

When it comes to containing key vitamins, potassium and omega-3 fatty acids, full service restaurant meals were better than home-cooked or fast food.

But these meals had more cholesterol and salt than the others.
If you’re getting a pedicure you may want to think twice before leaving that polish on your toes for months on end.

Doctors say you need to give your nails a break from polish.

Dyes can soak into the nail plate and dry them out.

When that happens, it can allow yeast, bacteria, mold and mildew to develop inside the nail plate which can lead to long term problems.

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