Locals Asked Not to Use Water

Duluth Residents Asked Not to Use Water

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Duluth’s Engineering Division tells FOX 21 the water conservation request is the result of planned maintenance and emergency water main breaks in Lakeside.

“Between the two our capacity was limited a little bit on how much water we could push up over the hill to the western part of the city,” Duluth chief engineer for utilities Eric Shaffer said.

As crews repair multiple water main breaks and conduct necessary maintenance on lines they ask that all Duluth residents limit their water use.

Avoid watering lawns, using washing machines and other appliances that require lots of water.

“The main trunk that feed water from the water plant and the far east of the city to the west end, one of those mains has been interrupted,” said Shaffer. “So we have reduced capacity to push water over the hill into the west. So any conservation we have affects the whole city and takes a little bit of load off the water treatment plant and the pipes on the east end of the city right now.”

City officials also tell FOX 21 you can still use water but the systems could be strained if residents are using a lot of it.

“Worst case scenario by the end of Thursday this voluntary request will be over,” said Shaffer.

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