Friends Remember, Celebrate Life of Cole Drechsler

Color Run Planned to Honor Life of Cloquet Accident Victim

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“Cole was this beautiful ray of sunshine, and I mean that literally,” said Cole’s friend Alexandria Thompson smiling.

Vibrant and fun–loving, colorful and kind are just a few of the ways friends are remembering 20–year–old Cole Drechsler.

“Cole was definitely kind of like the rainbow in my life, he just made everything a little bit brighter,” said another friend, Avery Bieri.

He touched the lives of everyone he met.

“He was a big personality in a very little package,” Bieri laughed.

“He was just instantly family, he was just the sweetest,” Rebecca Lambert added.

Saturday night Cole’s vehicle was hit head–on by a 63–year–old man from Florida. Wednesday night Cole lost his fight.

“I guess I’m just sad that a lot of people won’t get to know Cole,” Thompson said.

It’s his laugh that those who knew him will remember most.

“Everyone knew his laugh, and he always had this little shriek that everyone identified him by,” Thompson said.

To celebrate Cole’s life, Thompson turned to a Color Run, an event she says encompasses a lot of things Cole stood for.

“He was bright, he was very active, all about the colors,” Bieri told FOX 21.

“You think of Cole and you see all these beautiful colors and he was just always so excited,” Thompson added.

It’s a race Cole loved to be a part of.

“We were talking about maybe doing this one together, and since I won’t be able to do it with him, at least I’ll be able to do it with him memory,” said Bieri.

The girls say Cole made them smile a little brighter, hug a little tighter, and laugh a little louder.

“It’s just hard to know that I’m never going to hear his laugh again,” Thompson admitted.

Dedicating this color run to Cole, is their way of returning the favor.

“I just hope that he sees us all celebrating and smiles,” Thompson said.

Registration for the Color Run is Saturday morning at 8:15 with the race starting at 9:00 at Pine Valley Park in Cloquet.

Visitation will take place Saturday at the Nelson Funeral Home from 5 PM to 7 PM, and will resume Sunday at 1 PM at the Queen of Peace Church.

The funeral will follow at 2 PM.

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