Color Run for a Cause in Cloquet

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Cornstarch and coloring were in the air to help out local charities and students.

More than 400 runners hit the trail terrain in Pine Valley Park.

“This is our second annual Color Run event,” Cloquet Rotary Club president Ryan Micke said.

Splashed with bright pigments, they helped the Cloquet Rotary Club raise money for local organizations and student scholarships.

“It feels great to bring something to the community for fun and then to give back as much as we can,” said Micke. “It’s all for the community.”

Amongst the crowd were family and friends of a 20-year-old Cloquet native who planned to attend.

“He ran a lot and he was a really bright person,” said Brittney Woodward. “So the colors really remind us of him.”

Cole Drechsler, known for his shriek and positive spirit, died earlier this week due to injuries sustained in a head on collision on Hwy 61.

“It’s very emotional but I feel like we’re all getting through it,” said Paige Robinson. “We have each other so that’s kind of helping.”

“We’re just really gonna miss him and we love him,” said Robinson. “We know he’s with us today and everybody whose here for him.”

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