Lincoln Park Residents Meet on the Street

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The roads were blocked off in Lincoln Park on third street between 24th and 27th avenues west.

Traffic was closed off to motorized traffic so neighbors could get to know neighbors.

“We just moved here not too long ago so this is the first time coming out here,” Lincoln Park resident Channisse Tarver said.

The second annual Meet on the Street featured everything from rock climbing to making smoothies on a bike.

More than 20 different community organizations aimed to promote a healthier lifestyle and build community.

“It gives a sense of community, the way it used to be,” said Tarver. “Know people down the block or at least even right next door.”

Event coordinators tell FOX 21 shutting down neighborhoods and communities is the trend across the nation.

Organizations and individuals want to cultivate stronger relationships and support.

“I think just the social supports and knowing the people around you enhances quality of life,” St. Louis County Public Health nurse Josh Gorham said. “So when you see that person you haven’t seen for a year that lives a few blocks away from you, this is the opportunity to see that happen.”

Organizers tell FOX 21 since the event is such a hit they’ll most likely have it again next year.

Meet on the Street was put on by St. Louis County Public Health and several community partners.

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