Highway 210, Jay Cooke State Park Flood Repair Project Underway

$21.3 Million Project to be Final Major Flood Reconstruction Task

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Crews are working on fully restoring damaged sections of Highway 210 in Jay Cooke State Park.

Right now the work is minimal, like testing soil, but pretty soon it’ll be a full blown reconstruction.

Just within the  two mile section of Highway 210 that has been closed since the flood, there are more than 70 washout spots, some major, others minor, that will be repaired.

It’s a $21.3 million project to design and restore these 70+ sites that will include reconstructing the damaged roads in that  two mile strip and all the slopes surrounding it.  

The construction manager for this project says his team will be using cutting–edge technology to not only make the necessary repairs, but also to ensure these areas won’t need to be fixed again.

One goal is to return the space to the way it was prior to the flood.

Another is to keep it looking as natural as possible.

“Our hope is that several years down the road a lot of these areas that we repair, we won’t even know that there was a project there because it will blend so nicely into the slopes,” said MnDOTS’s Aaron Gunderson, the Construction Project Manager.

Those at Jay Cooke say they are most excited to no longer have restrictions for park access.

“Restoring that access to that side of the park for Duluth will be really appreciated by the community, and provide that experience that people are used to having coming through that beautiful drive and experiencing the trees and the colors in the fall,” said Jay Cooke State Park Manager Lisa Angelos.

Right now the design is being finalized and construction will get underway in just a few weeks, with the hope to be completely finished by the end of 2016.

Also, this year Jay Cooke State Park is celebrating its 100th anniversary, and leaders there say this project is making them that much more excited for the next 100 years.

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