Kayaking Through the Apostle Island Sea Caves

Enjoying One of Nature's Rarest Forms of Beauty Year-Round

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The Apostle Island Sea Caves are something that can’t be found outside of Bayfield, Wisconsin.

Wednesday, FOX 21 kayaked through something that people from all over the world come to enjoy

“As far as Lake Superior, there is nothing like it on the lake,” said Hannah Fanney.

It’s the only place like it in North America.

“It’s just…indescribable, the beauty of the caves and the sculptures.”

It’s somewhere Richard Erickson has been waiting to visit all his life.

“You can take a picture of it and try to send it to somebody, but seeing it first hand is just amazing,” Erickson smiled.

Recently, the Apostle Islands have become recognizable for their beauty during colder, frozen times.

“It’s a dynamic lakeshore, for sure,” Fanney said.

But on a warm summer day the sea caves are equally as breathtaking.

“As soon as you launch your boat, you’re kind of stepping back in time,” Fanney explained.

“You can get right up and close to that cliff wall, and you can go underneath and through some of these tunnels,” she added.

The caves offer a mix of features.

“Some of the arches are big and you can paddle through them and look up.”

Others are narrow and cramped.

“So you bend forward and you use your hands to try and get through them,” Fanney demonstrated. “You can touch the rock, it’s super gritty and crumbly.”

Depending on weather and the time of day, the lake varies in color.

“You get these arrangements of bright green and dark blue,” described Fanney.

But it’s the music of the waves out on the water that makes the experience complete.

“So you’re paddling around, you’re right up next to the cliff wall, and the waves and water are hitting those rocks,” Fanney said.

“It’s just kind of a real peaceful, soothing sound,” Erickson added.

These caves bringing ancient geology to life.

“That sandstone that we’re paddling under and through is a billion year old beach,” Fanney said.

But a work of art that won’t last forever.

“Arches form and collapse all the time, and so we have a unique window to see this feature in our time,” Fanney said.

While these walls were created millions of years ago, as the water continues to break against the caves each and every day, they are constantly reshaping and forming. 

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