Luumberjacks, Jills Gather for 56th World Championship in Hayward

100 Lumberjacks Compete in Over 20 Events

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Lumberjacks and Jills are rolling into the town of Hayward for the best of the best timber sport competitions. 

It’s the Lumberjack World Championships and hundreds are putting their skills to the test to win a world title. 

“I’ve been coming here since 1984,” said hot saw world champion, Mike Sullivan. 

For Sullivan, lumberjack sports weren’t always his favorite past time. 

“I started off as a salesman, but ended up an archery salesman,” said Sullivan. 

But after 34 years of chopping he started loving the outdoor game. 

“It’s getting tougher every year,” said Sullivan. 

This year is bringing in a lot of talented lumberjacks to the chopping block. 

“All these colleges have wood chopping teams,” said Sullivan. 

Although it may look simple, Sullivan says it’s a sport that continues to be challenging. 

“Certain types of axes for certain types of wood and certain types of angles for certain things.  It’s very complicated,” he said.

“On a frustrating day, you get to go and lace an axe into a piece of wood.  It’s a really good stress reliever,” said lumberjack, Derek Knutson. 

Knutson, a Hayward native, has been competing for 25 years. 

“If you’re not log rolling in the summertime, I don’t know what else you’re doing,” said Knutson. 

He helped kick start his wife’s passion for the sport and is even more thrilled to get his little girl into the woods. 

“I just had a daughter about a year ago and I’m going to get her into it,” said Knutson. 

From log rolling to speed climbing to chopping wood, the best will come together this Saturday for the title.

Organizers expect to see over 12,000 spectators within the next three days.

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