First Malaria Vaccine Closer to Approval

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The world’s first malaria vaccine is close to being approved for babies in Africa.

After European regulators gave a positive recommendation, the World Health Organization is now assessing when and where this vaccine could be used.

Malaria killed over half a million people in 2013, with the majority happening in Africa.

The vaccine is not yet officially licensed in any malaria-endemic country.
People born after 1930 may have a lower risk of developing dementia than the generation before them.

In a study of nearly 1,000 elderly New Yorkers, researchers found those born after 1930 had a lower risk of dementia than those born between 1916 and 1930.

The decline wasn’t age-related.

Researchers believe it has more had to do with improvements in heart health over time.

An Alzheimer’s Association spokesperson says overall people in developed countries appear to be getting dementia at a lower rate.

While they admit improvements in heart health appear to be a big part of it, it’s not the whole picture.

Researchers say an aging population and problems with obesity and type 2 diabetes in younger people could contribute to dementia rates in the future.

While the findings are encouraging, more work needs to be done across all populations to help reduce risk.
If you’re over 50, making a good income, physically healthy and active, you may be at a higher risk for excessive drinking.

British researchers tracked survey responses from more than 9,000 people across England age 50 and older.

The risk of problem drinking peaked for men in their early 60s and the risk for women was higher if they were retired, but fell with age.

Depression or loneliness were not linked with higher risk, but problem drinking was more common among men who lived on their own including those who were separated or divorced.

Study authors say the findings suggests harmful drinking later in life is more prevalent among a lifestyle associated with ‘successful’ aging.

This means issues with alcohol may be a hidden health and social problem among successful older people.

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