Duluth Church Breaks Ground on New Expansion

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“We’re really excited about what God is doing for us here,” Eastridge Community Church build team co-chair Howard “Jake” Jacobson said.

As Eastridge Community Church celebrates their 125th anniversary, the congregation breaks ground on a new vision close to their core message.

“The impact I hope will be changed lives,” Eastridge pastor Tom Asbury said. “It will be the idea that God is real, Jesus is real and all of us as we grow together in faith are better.”

Where shovels come up with dirt will be the space used to build their 16,000 thousand square foot expansion.

“Not just in the sanctuary but all of our classrooms are full so we decided that we needed to build a new facility,” said Asbury.

The 2 million dollar multi–ministry center will include a new 400 seat worship area, wellness facility, updated and onsite childcare, a cafe along with community gathering spaces.

“We want to have something that can be used not only on Sunday mornings but be used throughout the week,” said Jacobson.

Church leaders also say it’s more than just a new and exciting addition but it will be a place for connectedness and community.

“We can email and Facebook and snapchat anybody instantly,” said Asbury. “But really we’re seeing big amounts of loneliness and people that are living their life alone. Really the face to face and growing together you can’t replace it.”

Construction will start spring of 2016 and take about a year to complete.

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