Funding Approved to Combat Invasive Species in St. Louis County

Nearly $1M will be Used to Stop Invasive Species

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Tuesday morning the St. Louis County Board granted several local groups a substantial amount of cash to work toward limiting the spread of invasive species. 

St. Louis County has the most boat access points in Minnesota and Commissioners say it’s a problem that’s getting increasingly worse. 

Zebra muscles, spiny water fleas and rusty crayfish are spreading into our Great Lakes. 

Not only is it important to limit the spread, Commissioners say it’s important to be aware of the harm they put on our lakes’ fragile ecosystem. 

“We funded majority of the projects that were recommended,” said Commissioner Frank Jewell. 

Eight out of 12 projects will now be set with a mission to battle a problem that’s taking over our lakes. 

“Some of our worst aquatic species have come through the harbor,” said Jewell. 

Commissioner Jewell says it’s growing because we are such a mobile society. 

“The boats are moving from one lake to another lake to another lakes,” said Jewell. 

The ships coming in from all around the world pose another threat. 

“It’s easy for them to grab something from one lake and transfer it to another,” said Jewell. 

Fifty thousand dollars was granted to the City of Babbitt for the construction of a new access at Birch Lake.

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