Improving Sidewalks, Streets and Health in Cloquet

Complete Streets and Active Transportation

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While the City of Cloquet continues to consider ways to generate more foot and bicycle traffic throughout the community, it’s raising some questions whether the positive outweigh the negatives.

It was a topic of discussion at last week’s city council meeting: a movement called Complete Streets and Active Transportation.

Arrowhead Regional Development Commission just recently completed a plant to help guide the city making more pedestrian and bicyclist friendly streets.

They hope to make changes by widening or building sidewalks, creating more bike paths and even connecting the city to other tourist attractions.

“We are seeking to connect the Munger State Trail to the City of Cloquet, specifically downtown Cloquet so that they can take advantage of people at Jay Cooke State Park. People using the trail to come into town, assist with the economy and provide more tourism to the city,” said Andy Hubley with Arrowhead Regional Development Commission.

Currently, the St. Louis River Trail goes from Carlton to the Scanlon Park and Ride near I-35.

While some people believe the incentive to get outdoors is great, it will only have been a good source of funds if people are going to make use of the improvements.

“I think it would be to great benefit of the community if we were to expand bike paths, widen sidewalks and kind of make things more accessible but i think the money would only be well spent if it was implemented with a public education policy or some way to convince the community to actually use it,” said Cloquet resident Bill Bauer.

In an effort to lump all of the street upgrades together, the city has already set up temporary bulb-outs at street crossing along Cloquet Avenue to make it easier to cross the five lanes of traffic.

Officials told us it will be at least a decade before the bike trail from Munger into Cloquet is complete.

However, in anticipation Cloquet Chamber’s Trail committee is working to draft some possible routes. 

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