Knowing Your Neighbors: The Snug

Locally Owned Irish Pub in Washburn is a Hit

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If you’re in the mood for a taste of Ireland on the South Shore, the place to be is ‘The Snug’.

In this week’s Knowing Your Neighbors we highlight the locally owned pub, where you’re sure to have a whale of a time.

“We had been over to Ireland a couple times and we liked the pub atmosphere, so we wanted to bring that here,” said the pub’s owner Kristi Doman.

The husband and wife duo opened ‘The Snug’ in Washburn three years ago.

“It’s quiet now, but generally people talk to teach other. We don’t have the television on hardly ever, there is no juke box, there is just kind of quiet music playing in the background,” said Doman.

The focus is far from technology instead the pub’s atmosphere lends itself to conversation.

In fact, it’s seen as a center for people to gather and be social.

If you don’t come for the Guinness Beer there are an array of whiskeys on hand and a complete menu.

“We didn’t know if Guinness would be something that people would be buying around here, but it is probably the most popular tap beer,” said Doman.

One of the most popular items on the pub’s appetizer menu is a Scotch Egg.

‘The Snug’ is located in the heart of Washburn and is open seven days a week.

Food, beer and frequent live music will make you want to keep going back. 

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