Virginia Fire Department to Add New Peak Response Unit

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Nearly a week ago, the Virginia Fire Department got the go ahead for a new peak response unit.

The unit will solely respond to medical calls and consist of paramedics and EMTs. 

“These single response role units would do only medical.  So, they can take the transfers, they can go out of town and leave our firefighter paramedics here to protect the City of Virginia and the surrounding communities that may request us on a mutual aid call,” said Fire Chief, Allen Lewis.

Three, 2 person crews, will be added to provide long term cost savings and some  relief on the current staff.

Lewis says the response unit will not only allow them to address every call that occurs quicker but also assist with transfers from different hospitals. 

“We don’t have any ambulances out on transfer right now which is almost an anomaly because it seems every day on average we get 3.3 transfers per day.  We average ending up having to turn down a transfer a day,” said Lewis. 

Right now, the fire department houses 21 employees. 

After the new unit is added, the department will have nearly 30 employees. 

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