Virginia Public Schools to Adopt ‘Early Release Wednesday’

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Staff at Virginia Public Schools will gain 18 more hours of training. 

It’s school recently implemented what’s called ‘Early Release Wednesdays.’

Staff will leave an hour early every other Wednesday so teachers can improve their instruction and increase student achievement. 

“They’ve been asking when can we do this? And, we’ve been looking at it too, when can we do this and how do we get this into the schedule? With 180 days, everything is tight and something has to go,” said Superintendent, Deron Stender.

The school anticipated this change will be a long term commitment. 

On the off Wednesdays, staff will stay an hour later. 

“Use this time to grow professionally in a process that will allow them to work with each other through the peer review process and it also ties in with a lot of the legislation process that we have to deal with teacher evaluation to allow them to be more efficient and effective,” said Stender.

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