20th Annual TLT Youth Leadership Program

Foster Kids Learn Leadership Skills in Duluth

Young people who have transitioned from foster care to adulthood kicked off the 20th annual conference for those to learn leadership skills.

It’s created to provide opportunities for those still in foster care and it’s all part of the Annual Tomorrow’s Leaders Today. 

Revolving around positive youth development, the conference will hold sessions to get them to be active community members. 

“People think that they’re in care because of maybe something they did.  But, that really puts a stigma on them and what we want them to know is that they are also leaders and just because you’ve had difficult times and trauma in your past does not mean that you can’t get through it,”said Angie Skogstad with the TLT Planning Committee.

Nearly 200 kids are attending this year’s event. 

The conference ends Friday, July 31st.

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