City Sees $13K in Unpaid Garbage Bills

32 People have not Paid Trash Collection Bills

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It’s a trashy problem that’s been going on for more than a decade in Proctor.

Garbage bills are piling up.

This year alone 32 people didn’t pay the sanitation company for picking up their garbage, racking up $13,000 dollars in bills.

It’s a service the city requires people to have.

The city administrator said once a year they review a list of people who have failed to pay and send them a notice with an October deadline.

“If they don’t pay the bill then an additional 10–percent charge is added on to their existing bill and we send that down to the county and those amounts are attached to their property taxes for the following year,” said Proctor City Administrator James Rohweder.

The most people ever to not pay their garbage bill, was 43 in 2011.

The largest bill, more than $18,000-dollars, was in 2013. 

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