Duluth Sees One of Busiest Construction Seasons

More Than 50 Construction Projects Have Roads Closed, Filled With Detours

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For all the drivers out there, if it seems like every turn you make leads through another detour or another road closure that’s because it’s probably true!

A construction project map of Duluth indicates more than 50 ‘progress area locations’ throughout the city right now.

Many drivers told FOX 21 that maneuvering the streets of Duluth and remembering which roads are one–ways is hard enough as it is, but the construction is causing additional aggravation.

“It’s a pain and it makes a quick trip to the grocery store into a long, confusing battle where they’re working on the roads,” said Duluthian Patrick Moore.

Plus, stores right along the construction sites say the detours and road closures have definitely had an impact on business, most noticeably affecting the out–of–town customers.

“We’re constantly getting calls from customers that are looking for us and they don’t know where to go,” explained Dave Neustel with The Ski Hut. “Also, a lot of loud construction coming through in front of the store,” he added.

Ski Hut employees say this busy construction season is actually good preparation for next summer, when all of 4th Street will be repaired.

Ski Hut is getting ready to move its storefront to the back door for easier customer access.

The city’s message to the public through all this is, despite the temporary inconvenience, Duluthians will see improved roads and utilities in the long term.

In the meantime, they are encouraging drivers to plan ahead, drive slow, and follow the detours.

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